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Tax Credits

Catholic Education Arizona

Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) is the School Tuition Organization of the Diocese of Phoenix. Donations that are received through CEA support families that need, or benefit from tuition assistance.  In 2018, CEA provided $200,000 in scholarships to the students at Christ the King Catholic School.  When you redirect your tax dollars to Catholic Education Arizona, through a simple tax credit that costs you nothing ($0), your thoughtful act pays dividends now and into the future. Read more, watch a video on the benefit to our society, community and church and learn exactly how it works HERE or attend one of our monthly Scholarship Workshops.

Where can I get more information?

      1. Ask an accountant.
      2. Watch the videos on
      3. Stop by the school office.
      4. Download a packet at
      6.   **Recommended funds

When is the deadline?
April 15th for the State credit.
If you are interested in giving your child a quality Catholic education, and your child is not already enrolled in Catholic School, contact Christ the King at 480.844.4480 for more information.