Student Uniforms | Dress Code

CTK Catholic school chooses uniforms for their students because: 

      • Encourages distinctions of character and personality instead of appearance
      • Places emphasis on learning, not clothing
      • Reduces peer pressure and social stigmas
      • Equalizes economic diversity
      • Allows for cohesive presentation as a group
      • Simple dress code and uniform allows teachers to enforce the code equally
      • Lowers long-term clothing costs
      • Facilitates security by identifying outsiders
      • Enhances school spirit
      • Decreases property theft
      • Makes laundering simple
      • Simplifies dressing and dress code


You can contact the CTK Used Uniform Committee at  Please be sure to provide your contact information and attach this UsedUniformRequestForm .  You can also complete a request form and turn it into the School office and they will get your request to the committee.

Where do I purchase uniforms?


Dennis Uniforms | 3645 E. Indian School Unit 1 | Phoenix, AZ 85018 | 602-220-0302

Online only:

Educational Outfitter Phoenix


The Christ the King Catholic School Dress Code supports students in their intention to demonstrate God’s desire for them to be the best versions of themselves.  Catholic Schools believe that students rise to the level of their preparedness; students achieve more when they look good and are in order. Having a uniform, and a Dress Code includes considerations of cost, equality,  culture, race and the Catholic religion. This dress code precedes culture and race. The Christ the King dress code is intended to instill modesty, good grooming habits, and neatness in appearance.  It is to maintain a proper academic environment within the school, reduce superficial competitiveness so that character rather than appearance can be the focus.

Students are expected to come to school appropriately dressed at all times, with clothing that is clean and in order.

It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure the child can be and is in uniform each day.

      • There should be no holes in, or stains on, the uniform
      • Students wear clothing in proportion to their body size
      • Tattoos, both temporary and permanent, are not allowed
      • Fingernails are clean and trimmed

In order to facilitate lost-and-found items so they may be returned to its rightful owner, names should be written in all clothing.

Dress Code Regulations for ALL Students

Shirts:  Students of all grade levels are required to wear the uniform light blue or white shirt with the CTK insignia from Educational Outfitters, Dennis Uniform, or other pre-approved vendors.  Pre K shirts are ordered from the school office.  If an undershirt is worn, it must be solid navy blue or white in color.  Shirts must be in proportion to body size and tucked in at all times, including CTK athletic team shirts (allowed on game days during normal school).

Socks:  Students of all grade levels are required to wear solid-colored navy blue, white, or black socks with no visible logos.

Shoes: Students of all grade levels are required to wear tied, lace-up athletic shoes (no flat-bottom, slippery shoes) that fit.  No sandals are permitted.  The shoe’s base and heel may not be more than 1” in height.   Shoelaces are to be tied at all times.  Pre-K may substitute velcro for laces.

Belts: Belts polish the uniform and promote a put-together, finished appearance. Students in grades 3 and up are required to wear a plain, solid black, navy blue, or brown belt with a simple buckle. Students under grade 3 who choose to wear a belt must be able to manage it themselves and the style must conform to the dress code.

Sweatshirts, Sweaters: Only uniform sweatshirts, cardigan, fleece, crew, or V-neck sweaters in navy blue or white can be worn over the school uniform shirt.  They may display only the CTK logo, if any.

No hooded sweatshirts and sweaters or no hoodies may be worn.

On extra cold days, a winter coat (not sweatshirt fabric) may be worn OVER the school uniform sweatshirt when outside, but it may NOT replace the school sweatshirt.

NOTE:  Jackets, sweatshirts, and sweaters that do not conform to the school dress policy are not to be worn on the school campus or to school Mass

Dress Code Regulations Specific for Girls

Hair:  Hair should be clean and neat in style.  Any extreme hairstyle, unnatural or colored, extreme contrasting, streaked hair, or mode of ornamentation that is deemed distracting in the judgment of the faculty or administration is prohibited. Girls’ hair may not cover their eyes and face.  Hair accessories for girls should be simple in style and match or complement the colors of the uniform and be used only as intended.

Makeup and nails:  Makeup, artificial nails, nail polish, or any addition to natural nails is not allowed.

Skirt or Jumper: (required for all grade levels) The uniform skirt (grades 5-8) or jumper (grades K-4) or skort (Pre K) is worn with the light blue or white uniform shirt or Pre K red shirt purchased from school office.  Skirts and jumpers may not be shorter than two inches above the kneecap.  Skirts are not to be rolled at the waist.  Girls are to wear navy blue or black shorts under their skirt or jumper and the shorts are not to be visible below the hem of the skirt or jumper. No leggings can be worn, even with the skirt or jumper.

Pants and Shorts:  Girls of all grade levels may wear navy blue uniform pants or uniform shorts.  Modesty is important, so pants and shorts should fit properly; excessively loose or tight-fitting clothing is not allowed.  The length of the shorts is to be between the fingertips and the bottom of the kneecap.  Pants and shorts may not be rolled at the waist.

Tights:  Only solid navy blue, white, or flesh-colored tights may be worn with the uniform skirt or jumper during the winter months.  Leggings and jeggings are not permitted.

Dress Code Regulations Specific for Boys

Hair: Hair should be clean.  Hairstyles for males should be traditional in nature, neat in appearance, and hair should be no longer than mid-way between the eyebrows and hairline, above the collar, and off the ears.  Military style haircuts are preferred.  The length of the sideburns may be no longer than the tragus of the ear.  Any extreme hairstyle, unnatural or colored, extreme contrasting, streaked hair, or style that is deemed inappropriate in the judgment of the faculty or administration is prohibited. Boys are to be clean-shaven.

Pants/Shorts:  Boys of all grade levels are required to wear navy blue uniform pants or uniform shorts only.  Pants and shorts should fit properly – excessively tight or loose or “sagging” clothing are not allowed.  The length of the shorts must be between the fingertips and the bottom of the kneecap.  Pants and shorts may not be rolled at the waist.

Special Days Dress Codes

Mass Day Dress Code

Girls are required to wear the uniform shirt and skirt or jumper for Mass.  Boys are required to wear the uniform shirt and uniform pants for Mass.  Shorts may not be worn.  Students who do not come to school in the proper Mass day uniform will receive a uniform violation and, when possible, call a parent and have them bring the proper uniform.  The school has limited uniforms for students to borrow.

P.E. Dress Code

Same as the regular day dress code.

$1 Blue Jeans Day

On Jeans Day, students donate $1 and are permitted to wear BLUE Jean pants or shorts with their uniform shirt. No jeggings or leggings allowed.  Black, white or other jeans colors are not acceptable.

Free Dress Days

On Free Dress Days students donate $1 and are permitted to wear non-uniform shorts, skirts, or pants that may be denim or other appropriate material that is not skin tight (No leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, or workout pants).  Skirts, shorts and dresses may be worn, but must be no shorter than fingertip length for modesty).  Non-uniform shirts may be t-shirts or collared shirts of appropriate length and style and no hoods.  Tank tops, spaghetti straps, cut-offs, ripped, frayed, or faded shirts are not permitted.  Clothing must NOT be considered offensive in any way.  Shoes must be athletic shoes with socks.

After-School Activities Dress Code

Students are representatives of Christ the King Catholic School both during the school day and at all after-school activities and events on campus.  Therefore, students are expected to dress neatly, appropriately, and modestly at all times.  When students are not required to wear the school day uniform or school team/athletic uniforms, the regulations, as listed for Free Dress Days apply.

Uniform Violations

If a student is in violation of the uniform code, a written note is sent to the parents to sign and return to the school.  Subsequent dress code violations will result in detention, and the parent may be asked to bring the proper clothing to school.  In addition, the student will conform to consequences determined by the principal.