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Why Catholic School?

For over fifty years, Christ the King Parish has crafted a tradition of providing excellent quality Catholic education to families in Mesa and the neighboring communities. We bring to interested families a Catholic education; strong in all facets of human development, outstanding in Gospel values, with a culture of excellence in academics. No other school can truly duplicate the educational experience that happens in a Catholic School. The values and faith, the expectations, and reality of academic focus, disciplined philosophy, actions and minds support what engaged parents want for their children.

Because our children are our hope and our joy and the future of the Church and society, we support parents in placing the child at the center the educational process, promoting academic excellence and moral values, and fostering lifelong service. Through tremendous support from parents, faculty, staff, and the parish, the school provides the highest quality programs and services for our students.

Christ the King Catholic School is not just good for our students. Having a Catholic School brings life to our Parish. Some families choose Christ the King as their parish because of our school, some choose Catholic School because they are members of our parish and they see the outstanding role models found in Christ the King students. Our students return as parents, and alumni. They and their families stay because they have fallen in love with the community– an easy thing to do here at the Parish of Christ the King!

Since 2012 Christ the King Catholic School has placed as Best Private School, PreSchool and/or Best Elementary School in the East Valley and Mesa.