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School-Wide Learning Expectations

Active Catholic

Demonstrates a spirit of service and charity without expectation of a reward.

Knows and practices Catholic teaching and traditions.

Makes good Catholic choices using Gospel values.

Offers time, talent, and treasure to build God's kingdom.

Actively participates in, leads, and shows reverence during liturgy and prayer.

Develops a prayerful and personal relationship with God through prayer, sacraments, and Mass.

Demonstrates knowledge of fundamental Catholic prayers.

Engaged Learner

Thinks critically to recognize and solve problems.

Value every life situation as a learning experience.

Practices self-discipline.

Works to achieve group and individual goals.

Contributes positively to the learning environment.

Seeks assistance from multiple resources when necessary.

Responsible Leader

Accept accountability for their actions.

Builds a christian community by welcoming all.

Respects diversity.

Accepts self and others' talents and limitations.

Expresses patriotism.

Appreciates and cares for all of God's creation.

Effective Communicator

Speaks clearly and intelligently with respect towards others.

Writes clearly and concisely with proper grammar.

Displays confidence while speaking or presenting to a group.

Listens and works cooperatively with others.

Uses the tools of technology morally and responsibly to share ideas and information.

Uses appropriate social skills.

Scholarly Student

Completes work thoroughly and on time.

Shows respect for the learning environment by being punctual to school and class.

Builds a strong foundation by striving to master the basic skills in core subjects.

Exhibits self-motivation to do their personal best.

Maximizes opportunity to exceed minimum requirements.

Demonstrates organizational skills, study skills, time management and problem-solving skills.

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